Picture by Ruby Berman, 11 (interpreting our vision July 2020)
We are living in a time of great transformation, evolution of consciousness, and a global scale convergence of new energies across multiple disciplines and dimensions.   Most needs of young people in this fast changing world are not being met by traditional and now outmoded forms of education.   
We feel teenagers are particularly at risk of losing their sense of self and their voices silenced in the materialistic, competitive economic structure that currently dominates our civilisation. Ibiza is a world renowned destination for creativity, healing arts, and spiritual technologies, and a magnet for famous trailblazers.  Yet the choices and opportunities for teenagers and young adults that choose to remain here, are lacking in substance and scope.
Together we have the power and vision to change this. 
We followed our intuition and the call of young hearts to begin seeding a Golden Age Youth Academy/Alliance in Ibiza in May 2020 (GAYA).  Over the year of shifting tides, GAYA has become the holding template and spiritual nucleus of our start up learning initiative for youth.  It will over-light a future teen wellness and wisdom school and innovation hub for new earth systems architecture that can support humanity’s evolution into a new Golden Age. 
The energetic flow state that resulted from fully embracing this initiative has given birth to a whole-istic solution for learning that can offer new pathways for high school and college level learning.  Our wish is to facilitate  skills and personal upgrades that are in line with planet healing and life affirming macro trends which are already transforming our planet on a grand scale at an accelerated rate, swiftly disrupting un-serving paradigms. 
We are calling  this macro vision for a youth programme that is essentially a Living Workshop :   The Learn Lab Ibiza or Lli for ease of reference.   This is a launchpad, and as the learners who join begin to steer their own star ship – they will name it!   
 I am deeply grateful and humbled by the opportunity to anchor this beautiful vision here in Ibiza with my amazing partner-in-innovation, Gia, and with many like hearted souls , plugging into a greater wave of change that is transforming our beloved island in alignment with unity consciousness. 
The first step is building community that can support these ideas, allowing for dynamic self organising principles to flourish and carry this initiative forward.   
Together we will build as we mean to go on in line with regenerative economics at the intersection of future tech, creativity, life skills and well Being-ness
We hope you will join our efforts to untap the limitless potential of our young adults while fostering happiness and empowering regenerative community.… the concept itself is a living laboratory and your participation is so very welcome.    
Use the contact button to let us know who you are – a teenage learner, a potential guide, a potential investor,  steward of a land regeneration project,  future systems innovator, or another type of stakeholder that we don’t even know we need yet !
This Blog will be a journal of our united journey – and a place to engage with you and the wider world. 
With optimism for the future of our youth, 
Learner at the Centre of their own Universe

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